What You Need To Do To Ace The Mobile Ads Game

Reaching out to our phones first thing in the morning has now become second nature to us.

Humans use mobile phones for different purposes–communication, business, entertainment, and more. No matter where we use it, one thing stays the same: we are dependent on them. We couldn’t function the same without them, and some would rather lose their wallets than their phones.

Filipinos, especially, are spending many of our hours on mobile internet. Almost 120 million phones are used by Filipinos, and 41 million of them are active social media users. Facebook is the number one app used by Filipino mobile users.

Because of this, marketers are giving more and more regard–and funding–to mobile advertising. Asian advertising firms allot 15 to 20 percent of their budgets to mobile ads. It also predicted that in 2018, mobile ads will account for 50.2% of all internet advertising.

With the emergence of different mobile ads from competitors, how can your mobile ads stand out?

1. Don’t waste your audience’s time.

Make sure that your ads are relevant, helpful, and useful to your audience. Also make sure that you’re talking to the right people. Target properly. Use this personalization classification system to help you.

2. Creating a unique campaign is imperative.

To ultimately stand out from your competitors, craft a unique campaign. Make sure that it’s going to be understood by your audience and that they will get something from it. Also, remember that a good marketing campaign shouldn’t feel like one.

3. Make sure that your ad is legible in small screens.

When designing your ads, keep it mind that it needs to look good on mobile as well. Make sure that your creatives are easy to view in small screens. Because no matter how creative or unique your campaign is, if it’s not seen well by your audience, it still won’t be effective.

4. Keep it natural.

Like what was said earlier, good campaigns don’t feel and look one. What can marketers do to achieve that? Go for native ads. Native ads are ones that look and feel like usual content of the platforms or websites it’s put in. Using native ads are better for your business because 25 percent more consumers look at native ads than standard banners.

5. Speed is essential.

If you want to get–and keep–your audience’s attention, serve your mobile ads faster. You’ll also get more revenue because the faster the ads load, you’ll have more pageviews. To have faster-loading ads, use HTML5. Also, if your ads include landing pages, using Google’s Accelerated Mobile Pages would reduce its loading time.

Stay on top of the mobile ads game with these tips. Win the game and reap the amazing rewards–more consumers, more revenue, and much more known brand.

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