Marketing Campaign For Php500? It’s Possible!

Commercials and billboards? Way out of the budget. Posters? Not enough reach. It has to be something that will reach your target market, definitely get their attention, and all for a minimum of P500.

Don’t be doubtful just yet. There are 5 Cs that this 500-peso deal can provide for you.

No question about this because where else can you find a marketing campaign for P500? However, the truth is it isn’t really about how low the price is. What really matters is that you get the value for your money.

For PHP500, you can double your campaign’s reach. More people will know about your brand. Aside from that, you can also update them on your latest offerings in real time. You gain new audience and keep the old ones.

Because of features offered through this deal, you can also engage your audience to make your brand more memorable to them.

Your audience has the chance to interact with your brand through this marketing campaign. Audience participation makes ads more effective. A lot of the most effective ads out there has used this strategy to make more impact and at the same time, stay in the hearts and minds of their audience.

Some effective ads alternatively uses a message that challenges them to do a specific action. The common thing between these is that they both involve the audience.

Consumer friendly
Nowadays, consumers like to build relationships with brands. They don’t want to feel like you’re advertising to them. You need a campaign that makes it seem like you’re talking to them as a friend. Don’t be too aggressive, but you can’t be careless, as well.

Your campaign should be flexible. It should be able to adjust to the ever changing consumer behavior. It should also be able to offer different content or at least be able to present content in different forms. Your audience will get bored if you show them the same thing over and over again.

Catches Attention
Of course, you have to make your target market to notice your campaign because you can’t really get you message through if they don’t pay attention. Pick a channel that they always have to look at and where your ad surely won’t be missed.

This PHP500 marketing deal definitely has all of these qualities. First of all, the price is more than just within the budget. You can save more than half for advertising with this deal.

Aside from that, there is an option for you to let your customers participate in games or raffles. You can even give out a call to action that will ultimately lead to more revenue for your brand. It also reaches them in the most convenient, but attention grabbing way.

One of the best ways to reach anybody in the digital era is through their smart phones. This deal is actually an SMS campaign that will allow you to reach your target market through a gadget that they check every minute and carry around with them anytime anywhere.

The best part is you can choose what content you want to put and how you want to put it. You can customize the ad according to your brand, taste, and budget.

Take advantage of this sweet deal by visiting Mobile360 SMS’s website and start your very own cost-efficient and effective campaign.

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