If You Think SMS Marketing Is Only About Sending Texts, You’re Doing It Wrong

There’s a bunch of stuff you’ve got to discover about SMS marketing–and it doesn’t involve texting. Contrary to what newbies believe, SMS marketing isn’t as simple as sending some group message to your friends. It involves rigorous planning, careful strategizing, and a whole lot of consistency for it to be successful. More than that, it also requires strategies on content, timing, consumer behavior, and a lot more!

Marketers need to study these strategies so that their marketing attempts can pay off. Effective SMS marketing campaigns could reach many customers. For example, according to a survey, 82 percent of smartphone users read through an ad message. Just imagine how many people you could reach with that percentage!

Start now and make the most out of your SMS marketing with these tips, from getting the perfect audience to crafting your messages:

‘Yes’ is the magic word.

SMS Marketing operates under permission-based marketing standard. This means that subscribers must first give their consent before marketers can send them any kind of message. Uploading random phone numbers to your database without the owner’s consent is not only invasive, but also illegal. You should only include a subscriber that has 1: have texted a keyword (the number you use for SMS Marketing) 2: have submitted their contact number to your social media or website account.

Hit the bulls-eye.

Target the right subscribers according to your intended campaign. For example, if you’re planning to offer discounts on a product to related to urban living, then by all means, send your ad to your subscribers living in NCR.

People don’t like to receive messages irrelevant to their needs and interests. You can opt for various SMS marketing platforms, such as Mobile360SMS, to help you send ads for specific types of people. It target people depending on their location, age, income bracket, and gender.

All things need perfect timing.

Determine the optimum time for your campaign so that it will yield the best results. For instance, if you plan to launch a combo meal promo, it’s best to text your subscribers right before breakfast or lunchtime, when people are more likely to be hungry. This way, they’re more likely to engage with your promo.

Push your audience to do something.

If a call to action (CTA) is essential in any marketing campaign, SMS marketing is no different. CTAs points the direction on where the audience should go next after reading your ad (clue: your website).

Making a good CTA requires careful consideration. In SMS campaigns, you can include a shortened URL of your website, or a mobile number that your subscribers can contact.

KISS is still in.

Unlike in email marketing where there is extensive space for words, SMS marketers can only work around 160 characters to get their message across. So, as the acronym goes: Keep It (your message) Short and Simple. Take out all those flowery introductions and get to the point right away.

Remember that communication should go both ways.

Develop a relationship with your subscribers. You can send surveys or polls so that you can see their comments and suggestion on how you can improve your service. This way, your subscribers can see that you care about their opinions and that you’re doing your best to improve your business. That would certainly keep them.

Give them a way out.

It’s inevitable that some subscribers will not want to receive messages from you anymore. You should give them the option to unsubscribe and ensure that they will not receive messages. Remember that once they opt-out, you should remove their contact information from your mailing list.

SMS Marketing is a tricky business, but once you get the hang of it, you can be sure that it will give you success and more revenue. Mobile360 SMS is a platform that lets you operate your SMS campaign and reach your business goals without the hassle! As an affordable marketing strategy, this can definitely help you gain more customers and their loyalty, at a low cost.

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