Here Are The Business Tools You Need To Help You Work Smarter Not Harder

Don’t take it the wrong way, hard work is important in any aspect of starting, finishing, and completing a business project.

There are, however, some moments when hard work isn’t reaping any result equal to the effort it took to be done. Sometimes – especially when one is not that experienced in business – hard work is simply a waste of valuable resources.

The goal to finishing any project is to get good results with little to no costs. That’s why businesses have to understand that working hard isn’t always good. What they need to understand is that there’s such thing as working smart.

Working smart means doing tasks with minimal effort, but with maximum results. Operating this way saves more time and energy, opening more opportunity for other tasks to be done.

As a business owner, working smart can start with understanding business tools and how they could benefit the company. Here are some suggestions:

A tool for an efficient storage system

How many times have you rummaged around your bag full of gadgets because each one contains a different file? How many times have you wrote a document for the second time because you can’t find it anywhere else?

If you don’t want to have any of that problem again, a single storage tool is your solution. A storage tool, like Dropbox for example, is a virtual link between all your business files – may it be video clips, images, or documents.

Like an online hub, it can be accessed by everyone with a Dropbox account, as long as they have the link address for the file and an internet connection. Everyone can also share any file to anyone in the company – no matter what the size – which could also be uploaded, deleted, or edited in real-time! You also don’t have to worry about losing documents. Once the file has been uploaded in the storage tool, it will be there as long as it can be. Ah, the power of internet!

Having a this tool enables you to organize your files according to a single system, which makes everything in work more quick and efficient. What more can you ask for?

A toolbox of all tools

You’ve learned a useful tool so far, and it won’t be long ‘till you download other tools that you’ll be using for your business. However, like a mental clutter, maintaining different for different purposes will overwhelm you eventually – and may even frustrate you because there’s so much happening everywhere!

As much as tools are useful, you need to keep your virtual tools as simple as possible. Business work can be a complicated stuff, and making it even more complicated by juggling different tools won’t make it any better.

To avoid this inconvenience from happening, you need to get your hands to a toolbox of tools, like Google. Almost everyone knows Google nowadays; It is the most popular search engine in the whole world. But aside from using it as a search engine, Google can also be used for other purposes.

With Google, you can write documents (Docs), store files (Drive), create excel files (Spreadsheets), chat with other Google users (Chat), search websites (Google), organize deadlines in a calendar (Calendar), and email your workmates (Gmail) – all at once! You won’t be confused and frustrated anymore.

A tool that will make communication easier

You can’t deny the traffic in the Philippines. When meeting an important client from another place, going from one point to another seem to take more time than actually talking with your prospects. There’s also the situation when your client is on the other side of the Pacific Ocean, which makes communicating with them a bit challenging.

For those kind of situation, going three hours early or keeping in touch with your foreign client 24/7 isn’t going to make it long. What you need to do is to adopt a communication tool that will make those transactions easier.

Skype is one example for that tool. Skype offers real-time video or voice conferences that you can use for long distance meetings. What’s more, you can also send documents through Skype even while on the phone, chatting, or recording!

A tool that will make everyone pumping and productive

Do you have highly-energetic employees who can’t seem to stop talking with their co-workers? What about those employees who can’t tolerate noise? It can become a problem if they’re in the same room, right? Well, it won’t be a problem if you know how to keep them focused on their work, using Spotify.

You might think that Spotify is just for personal use, you’re not wrong on that, but tools like Spotify could also be used for business, specifically in people management. Letting your employees enjoy their own musical preferences can actually help them become pumped or energized, which is helpful in finishing work.

You can also suggest playlist that helps in drowning noise (for those who wants a quiet environment) or a playlist that helps in concentration (for those who are easily distracted). Music can be a powerful creation that can move anyone, so it might be the right time now to use it for your business.

Various tools for marketing purposes

Enough of tools used for more efficient working system, let’s move on to the kinds that will actually put money in your pocket, like Mobile360.

In this age of social media and technology, getting known by the masses is becoming easier – you just have to become viral, and viola, you’ll instantly become a celebrity! But there’s a downside to this kind of phenomena: As quick and easy as it is to become famous, keeping people’s attention is doubly – even triply – difficult.

So how can you keep their interest burning? One way to do that is by creating a mobile app for your business. Having an app of your own makes connecting with your customers easier, it makes transactions smoother, and is time efficient for both of you and your customer.

You can also opt for Mobile360 SMS campaign tool. This will send text messages to your customers of your latest promos, sales, and other business updates. I will help you poke your customers every now and them about you, keeping you in their attention for as long.

Business, no matter how big or small, only becomes truly successful with hard work plus smart work. Not every good thing can be done with a bucket of sweat and sleepless nights. Sometimes, excellent results could also happen by being smart by the intricacies of the work process, and adapting to new opportunities that will make your work easier is the start of this journey.

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